Satellite Earth Station and maintenance for Broadcasting Channel

Satellite Earth Station and maintenance for Broadcasting Channel

Teleport - Computer Definition. From the Greek tele, meaning far off, and the Latin portal, meaning door, and translating literally as far off door. A contraction of telecommunication port. ... A teleport acts as a centralized physical gateway between terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks.

Teleportation or tele-transportation is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between.

When you are looking for connectivity, you need global reach, high quality and the ability to deliver data, video and voice anywhere under almost any conditions. To meet that need, NETSAT offers a wide range of teleport services for voice, data, Internet and video that leverage our global transmission capacity and our network of data center, content management and switching facilities.

Access Global IP offers secure broadband IP connectivity and VOIP backhaul via satellite for carriers, ISPs & enterprises worldwide. We can provide both transmit/receive and receive-only IP services, with Internet connectivity, through links to multiple Tier-1 service providers. Optional services include IP address assignment, hosting and media streaming for applications.

Access Plus offers robust, cost-effective VSAT connectivity worldwide through a managed network incorporating satellite bandwidth, teleport access points and fiber circuits stretching around the globe. The combination of commercial off-the-shelf iDirect, ViperSat and DVB-RCS customer equipment and NETSAT’s high-efficiency network delivers high availability, reliability and quality of service – scalable from a few Kbps to multiple Mbps – at a competitive cost.

As one of the largest providers of teleport facilities we are providing access to a huge number of satellites capable of meeting all your transmission needs. This is further supported by our global fibre network ensuring you have worldwide connectivity.

Our highly experienced team of experts will work with you to build the best satellite solution, providing either occasional or permanent access to one or more satellites. Your solution can also include fibre connectivity into our teleports.

We can offer secure co-location with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and cooling. This gives you both peace of mind and quality of service. In addition, we offer services out of several teleports, which means we can provide inherent redundancy/disaster recovery (DR) services from one single point of contact.We constantly monitor your services and provide pro-active management to maximise connectivity.

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